Tube Cast – the FIRST Windows Phone app to support Chromecast!


Behold – the very first Windows Phone app with Chromecast support has finally arrived! To Android and iOS users, Chromecast compatibility is starting to become the standard for many apps. Windows Phone users haven’t been so lucky, but they have a strong developer community that always seems to pull a victory.

What does Tube Cast do?

tube-cast-screenshotTo be honest, Tube Cast only does one thing – allows you to stream YouTube videos to your Chromecast. I say “one thing” because that is literally all it does. The application doesn’t allow you to pause, stop, fast-forward, seek or anything.

It is a very limited, but the developer says he is working on bringing more functionality to the app. What really matters here is not even how much the app does, though.

Why is this a big deal?

The mere fact that a Windows Phone app supports Chromecast is huge news. All the features can be added later, but Tube Cast is setting a statement of sorts.

The Google Cast SDK was released recently, but only for iOS and Android developers. This didn’t stop developer Lincoln, though. It’s not often that Windows Phone developers are stopped, and this is a testament for that.

The features will come soon enough, but what matters here is that one developer has already accomplished bringing Chromecast support to a Windows Phone app. This means it’s only a matter of time before others do it too!

Download Tube Cast

Those of you who own a Chromecast and use a Windows Phone device can now download Tube Cast straight from the Windows Phone App Store. It’s free, so you should give it a try!