8+ Magical Swimming Pool Products for Perfectly Clear Water

It’s pool season! But is your water cloudy? Pool company overpriced and unreliable? And doing it yourself seems tedious and depressing, right? Until now…

We’ve literally got pool care down to a science! Using a combination of products that work together like magic, you can keep your swimming pool in pristine shape all season long.

How to make your pool clear:

  1. Use the best pool robot vac (Polaris VRX IQ+)
  2. Upgrade your skimmer (SkimDoctor 2.0)
  3. Install a Pool Water Auto-Leveler (Rola-Chem)
  4. Get an automatic chemical dispenser (like this)
  5. Get the Right Tools for Manual Cleaning (brush and net)
  6. Test your pool’s chemistry (our favorite test kit)
  7. Invest in a Pool Cover (Blue Wave)
  8. Convert to a Salt Pool (Converter System)

Let’s dive deeper…

#1 Buy the Best Pool Robot Vac (Polaris VRX IQ+)

Out with the old, in with the new!

If you’re using an old school pool vacuum, toss it: you’ll be blown away by the convenience and efficiency of robot vacuums. We highly recommend the Polaris VRX IQ+ which, although pricey, is worth every. single. dollar.

Just plug it in, drop it in the pool, and let it work it’s magic. With the power of Vortex Vacuum technology and 4WD agility, the Polaris VRX leaves no corner untouched. It will learn and map your pool’s optimal cleaning pattern, making it more efficient at sucking up debris from the floor, scrubbing pesky algae off the walls, and skimming annoying debris from the surface.

You can also control it remotely via the iAquaLink app, scheduling cycles, viewing temperature, and more. The large and easy-to-remove debris canister shines a light when it’s time to empty. Experience the magic of effortless pool cleaning with the Polaris VRX! It will absolutely revolutionize the way you think of pool care.

#2 Upgrade Your Skimmer (SkimDoctor 2.0)

The skimmer is designed to remove debris before it sinks, protecting your pristine water from the elements and saving you work in the long run. Standard skimmers, however, have limited effectiveness and need to be carefully tuned.

We recommend upgrading to the SkimDoctor 2.0. It’s a significant upgrade to a standard skimmer, improving water circulation and enhancing debris capture.

You can also:

Keep in mind that for your skimmer to work properly, you’ll need to fill your pool to the right water level. Make sure the gate between the pool and skimmer, called the pool or skimmer weir door, is in optimal position (a VERY important step that many people overlook).

#3 Install a Pool Water Auto-Leveler (Rola-Chem Sentry)

Maintaining the right water level in your pool is absolutely critical for proper skimming and filtration. If the water is too high or too low, your skimmer could be completely non-operational and you risk breaking your filter. This can happen relatively easily: a very heavy rain or particularly dry hot spell can put you in a precarious situation.

Installing an auto-fill water leveler (we recommend this one by Rola-Chem) makes sure that your pool’s water level is constant, ensuring optimum performance even while you’re away.

#4 Get an Automatic Chemical Dispenser (Like This)

Part of the pool hassle is the week-in and week-out routine maintenance that wears you down over the course of a swimming season. Rather than manually adding chlorine tablets to your pool each week, installing an automatic chemical dispenser allows you to bypass that part of pool care entirely.

We recommend the Hayward CL2002S Inline Chemical Feeder for in-ground pools and the Hayward CL200 for above-ground pools. They connect directly to your pool’s plumbing and evenly distribute the chemicals, helping to keep your water crystal clear and free of harmful bacteria.

#5 Get the Right Tools for Manual Cleaning

There are two essential tools for manual cleaning:

  1. A great pool brush (Poolvio Pro Brush)
  2. A deep-bag skimmer net (Poolvio Skimmer Net)

For a cheap all-in-one solution, grab the Poolvio Swimming Pool Cleaning Kit that includes a pole, brush, and skimmer attachment for less than $30 bucks.

The proper brush will not only keep floors and walls in tip-top shape, but allow you to to effectively target corners and areas your pool robot vac might miss. If you want a little extra attention to details, consider getting a special pool brush for steps and corners and scrubbers for pool tile.

#6 Regularly Test Your Pool’s Chemistry (TESPERT Kit)

There are lots of Water Test Kits for Swimming Pools but our favorite are the TESPERT Pool Strips.

You’ll get 125 Test Strips and it couldn’t be easier:

  • Dunk the strip in the water
  • Let it dry
  • Compare the results to the bottle

This will give you accurate measurements for 7 key indicators of pool health: Bromine, Total Alkalinity, pH, Free Chlorine, Total Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, and Total Chlorine.

Based on the results and included booklet, you’ll be able to quickly identify the chemicals and quantities you need to add to your pool. In many ways, pool chemistry is a beast of its own- if this is something you’d like to see us cover in greater detail, let us know!

#7 Invest in a Pool Cover (Blue Wave Pool Covers)

As the pool season winds down, protecting your pool becomes paramount. A good pool cover, like the Blue Wave 20 x 40 Bronze Cover, will protect your pool from debris and reduce water evaporation, helping maintain your pool’s chemical balance during off-season months.

#8 Convert Your Pool to Salt (Converter System)

Saltwater pools are gaining popularity for their softer water and lighter maintenance load (thanks to reduced chemicals). The Hayward W3AQR15 AquaRite Electronic Salt Chlorination System converts salt to chlorine for pools up to 40,000 gallons, keeping a steady and comfortable chlorine level in your pool and reducing eye and skin irritation.

If you’re thinking of going the salt route, start researching now since you’ll need a professional pool company to perform the installation. You should also consider the benefits of installing a heat pump at the same time (if that’s of interest).

Bonus Tip: Use CLOROX Clarifier

While all the products mentioned above are essential in maintaining your pool, you might want to consider an extra step to achieve a truly luxurious and silky-smooth water feel.

Clarifying fluids, such as Clorox Pool&Spa Super Water Clarifier, work wonders by binding tiny particles together so they can be easily vacuumed up by your pool robot and removed by your filter. This results in crystal clear, sparkling water that feels as good as it looks. Use as directed for the best results, and enjoy the enhanced beauty and comfort of your pool.

Your Magically Clear Pool Awaits!

Armed with these products and tips, you’re ready to conquer pool maintenance with ease! So dive in and enjoy your summer, knowing that crystal-clear pool water is just a few products away.

Remember: when it comes to pool care, the goal is to work smarter, not harder! Don’t forget to share this article with all your pool-owning friends. They will surely thank you!