High Time in Maryland: Marijuana Dispensaries Open July 1st

Maryland lights up with the legalization of recreational marijuana

Starting July 1, 2023, Maryland is putting a new spin on its nickname, “The Free State,” as it lights up a new chapter in its history. With the legalization of recreational marijuana, Maryland is now more than just the land of pleasant living – it’s the land of puffy libations!

Rolling Out a New Era

Nearly a hundred medical marijuana providers are gearing up to serve all adults over 21, offering everything from flower to edibles and vapes. Prepare for a variety of new stores and brands popping up as the state approves new licenses starting this summer, with a particular focus on social equity applicants.

Looking for a place to buy? See our list of dispensaries in Maryland.

What You Need To Know

Before you light up, here’s a quick puff, puff, pass on the details:

  1. Possession: Adults can hold up to 1.5 ounces of weed or 12 grams of hash without fear. Crossing that line could burn a hole in your pocket with fines, and holding more than 2.5 ounces might land you in hot water with a potential arrest.
  2. Growing: You can grow your buzz right at home with up to two plants per residence, while medical patients can cultivate up to four. Keep it on the down-low though – plants should not be visible to the public.
  3. Paraphernalia: Possession becomes legal on July 1, but keep your cool – selling, distributing, or advertising it can still result in a $500 fine.
  4. Public Consumption: Keep your clouds private. Lighting up in public can lead to a $50 fine for the first offense, and subsequent offenses can increase the penalty.
  5. Driving: Drive high, get a DUI. Take note: Maryland law now prohibits the scent of weed as probable cause for a car search.

Have more questions? Read our FAQ.

Take the High Road

While this new era is exciting, remember to enjoy responsibly. The law is here to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, so let’s respect the rules and each other.

On July 1, as we gear up for Independence Day, let’s celebrate a new kind of freedom. One that carries the scent of change and progress. But let’s do it respectfully and responsibly!

List of Dispensaries in Maryland

Below is a list of places where you can legally buy marijuana in Maryland.

Before you burn one down, remember: it’s not just about lighting up, it’s about sparking change. Enjoy responsibly, respect others, and let’s make this new era in Maryland a shining example for the rest of the country. High time indeed!

Aberdeen Dispensaries

True Wellness Aberdeen226 S. Philadelphia Avenue

Abingdon Dispensaries

Enlightened Dispensary3111 Emmorton Road

Annapolis Dispensaries

Gold Leaf2029 West St.
Panacea Wellness2061 Generals Hwy

Baltimore Dispensaries

Blair wellness center, LLC5806 York Road
Culta, llc215 Key Highway
Dr. Dots Dispensary805 N. Howard St.
Green Goods Baltimore717 North Point Blvd
Greenlabs1522 Eastern Avenue
Health for Life Baltimore6807 Rolling Mill Road
Medical products and services3317 Keswick Road
Mission Catonsville6328 Baltimore National Pike
Mission Hampden3907 Falls Road
Nirvana Center5225 Baltimore National Pike
Pure Life Medical, INC.35 E. Cross St.
Releaf shop1114 Cathedral St #5
Starbuds5975 Belair Road
Storehouse5730 Falls Road

Bethesda Dispensaries

Health for Life Bethesda4909 Fairmont Avenue
RISE Bethesda10401 Old Georgetown Rd.

Bowie Dispensaries

Wright Wellness Group, LLC4201 Northview Drive, Suite 100

Brandywine Dispensaries

MCNA Wellness7501 Clymer Dr.

Burtonsville Dispensaries

Herbiculture4009 Sandy Springs Rd., Unit 101

Cambridge Dispensaries

Sunburst Pharm603 Meteor Drive Cambridge, Maryland 2161

Camp Springs Dispensaries

Jova Wellness Center5846 Allentown Way

Capital Heights Dispensaries

Mary & Main8801 Hampton Mall Drive

Centreville Dispensaries

Ash & Ember202 Coursevall Drive, Suite 108

Chevy Chase Dispensaries

Columbia Care MD, LLC4609 Willow Lane

Cockeysville Dispensaries

Chesacanna10534 York Road
Kip9 Cranbrook Road

Columbia Dispensaries

Curaleaf Columbia, LLC7090 Deepage Dr,
Remedy8865 Stanford Blvd #131

Crofton Dispensaries

Nature’s Medicines1657 Crofton Blvd

Cumberland Dispensaries

Alleghany Medical Marijuana Dispensary100 Beall St.
Apothecary, LLC1096 W. Industrial Blvd

Curtis Bay Dispensaries

Ritual Dispensary7609 Energy Parkway Suite 901

Edgewater Dispensaries

Mana Supply Company3005 Solomons Island Road

Elkridge Dispensaries

Zen Leaf Elkridge6000 Marshalee Dr

Elkton Dispensaries

Pharmkent, LLC330 East Pulaski Highway, Suite B

Ellicott City Dispensaries

Greenhouse wellness4801 Dorsey Hall Dr., Suite 110
Natures Medicines10169 Baltimore National Pike
Trilogy Wellness of Maryland9291 Baltimore National Pike

Frederick Dispensaries

Green Goods1080 West Patrick St.
Kannavis8709 Fingerboard Rd.
Sweet Buds Dispensary5312 New Design Road
Wellness Solutions4606 Wedgewood Blvd

Gaithersburg Dispensaries

Maryland Compassionate Care & Wellness, LLC106 N. Frederick Ave.
Curaleaf Gaithersburg10011 Stedwick Road

Gambrills Dispensaries

Greenlight Therapeutics782 State Route 3 N, Suite A

Germantown Dispensaries

Bloom Medicinals11530 Middlebrook Rd.
Zenleaf Germantown13007 Wisteria Drive

Greenbelt Dispensaries

Waave Cannabis7327 Hanover Parkway Ste A

Hagerstown Dispensaries

Maryland health and wellness center, inc.1571 Wesel Blvd.

Halethorpe Dispensaries

Trulieve3531 Washington Blvd #112

Hyattsville Dispensaries

Story Cannabis Co.2486 Chillum Rd

Joppa Dispensaries

RISE Joppa702 Pulaski Hwy.

Laurel Dispensaries

Green Point Wellness116 Washington Blvd
Revolution releaf9994 Washington Blvd. North
True Wellness Laurel14703 Baltimore Avenue, Suite B

Linthicum Dispensaries

Green Point Wellness823-A Elkridge Landing Rd.

Mechanicsville Dispensaries

Southern Maryland Relief28105 Three Notch Rd.

Middle River Dispensaries

Mana Supply Co. Middle River100 Carroll Island Road

New Market Dispensaries

Verilife11717 Old National Pike

Nottingham Dispensaries

Health for Life White Marsh4741 Ridge Road

Ocean City Dispensaries

Hi-tide12600 Marjan Ln,
Positive Energy, LLC9939 Jerry Mack Rd., Suite 500

Olney Dispensaries

B1 Earthgroup, LLC18070 Georgia Avenue

Oxon Hill Dispensaries

Liberty Cannabis6144 Oxon Hill Rd.

Parkville Dispensaries

Blue ridge wellness, llc9413 Harford Rd.

Pasadena Dispensaries

Zen Leaf Pasadena16 Magothy Beach Road

Perryville Dispensaries

Nature’s Care & Wellness, LLC4925 Pulaski Hwy., Suite A

Pikesville Dispensaries

Temescal Wellness of Maryland, LLC1636 Reisterstown Road

Reisterstown Dispensaries

Curaleaf11722 Reisterstown Rd

Rockville Dispensaries

gleaf Rockville808 Hungerford Drive
Liberty Cannabis12001 Nebel Street
Mission Rockville4007 Norbeck Road, Unit A
Peake Releaf2001 Chapman Ave
Potomac Holistics14808 Physicians Ln., Suite 212
Trulieve12200-B Rockville Pike
Verilife5544 Nicholson Lane

Salisbury Dispensaries

Peninsula Alternative Health400 Snow Hill Rd.

Silver Spring Dispensaries

Herbafi8413 Ramsey Ave
Peninsula Alternative Health12355 Georgia Avenue
Rise silver spring7900 Fenton St.

Solomons Dispensaries

Greenwave70 Holiday Dr

Street Dispensaries

Four green fields3518 Conowingo Rd.

Timonium Dispensaries

Far & Dotter2060-A York Road
Trulieve1526 York Rd,

Towson Dispensaries

Zen Leaf Towson101 E Chesapeake Ave # 102

Waldorf Dispensaries

Story Cannabis Co.2290 Old Washington Rd

Westminster Dispensaries

The Dispensary330 140 Village Rd Suite 7
Verilife700 Corporate Center Court, Suite K

White Plains Dispensaries

35. Dispensary Works, LLC10766 DeMarr Road, Suite 3A
Chesapeake apothecary, llc4781 Crain Hwy., Suite A

Windsor Mill Dispensaries

Remedy 6957175 Security Blvd, Suite 102

Frequently Ashed Questions

1. Where can I use cannabis in Maryland? You can use cannabis in private homes and private property. However, smoking cannabis in public is prohibited, which includes parks, streets, sidewalks, bars, restaurants, moving cars, and public transportation. Property owners can ban the use of cannabis on privately-owned property. Most hotels do not allow guests to smoke cannabis in their hotel rooms, and if you stay in a vacation rental, you should check with the property owner about the rules.

2. How much cannabis can I possess in Maryland? You can purchase and possess up to 1.5 ounces of cannabis flower, 12 grams of concentrated cannabis, or a total amount of cannabis products that does not exceed 750 mg THC. This amount is known as the “personal use amount”. You can also gift cannabis to adults 21 and older if the amount gifted falls within the personal use amount and no money, goods, or services are associated with the transfer.

3. Can I grow cannabis at home in Maryland? Yes, you can grow two indoor plants per household, out of view. However, landlords and property owners can prohibit growing cannabis on their properties.

4. Is it safe to drive after consuming cannabis? Cannabis use impairs your ability to drive safely. It can result in slower reaction time, coordination, and concentration. If you are impaired while driving, even as a certified patient with a medical card, a law enforcement officer can pull you over and conduct a sobriety test. You can receive a DUI citation. If you are transporting cannabis in your car or vehicle, it should be in the trunk or in a sealed package. You can’t consume cannabis in moving cars — this includes smoking, vaping, and consumption of edibles.

5. Can I travel with cannabis? Cannabis remains illegal under federal law. You can’t use or possess cannabis on federal land (including federal buildings, national parks, military bases, etc.). You can’t transport cannabis across state lines, even if it’s between states where adult-use cannabis is legal. It is not legal to send cannabis through the U.S. mail.

6. What about cannabis in the workplace? Check with your employer about their policies. The new law does not prevent employers from drug testing employees. Marylanders who are federal employees should follow federal employment policies related to cannabis possession and use.

7. How should I dispose of unused cannabis? To dispose of unused cannabis, crush or chop up remaining cannabis, put it in an empty container and mix with something unappealing (coffee grounds, soil, kitty litter), cover, seal, and dispose of it in the trash.

8. What are dosage guidelines for beginners? What affects my cannabis experience? For flower and vapes, the suggested dose is 1 inhalation with an onset of 1-10 minutes and a duration of 1-6 hours. For edibles and liquids/beverages, the suggested dose is 2.5 mg THC with an onset of 1-2 hours and a duration of 4-24 hours. Note that these are suggestions to avoid overconsumption, and formal guidelines have not been established.

9. What do I need to know about edibles? Always check the amount of THC on the label – edibles can look identical but have different strengths! You may need to cut an edible in half or quarters to consume the dose you want. Effects from edibles are often delayed and last longer than smoking or vaping cannabis.

10. What are tips forsafe cannabis use? Start with a small amount, wait before taking another dose. Don’t mix cannabis with alcohol or other drugs. Don’t use cannabis if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Don’t use cannabis if you have a history of psychosis. If you have chronic health issues, consult your healthcare provider before using cannabis.

11. What if I overconsume cannabis? If you have consumed too much cannabis, you may feel “greened out” or sick. Try to find a calm, safe space. Lie down if you can. Try to stay calm and remember the feelings will pass. Keep hydrated and try to eat something. Avoid consuming more cannabis. If you have a serious reaction, call 911.

12. Where can I find the list of cannabis retailers in Maryland? A list of retailers can be found on the Maryland Cannabis Administration’s website, which also includes information about each retailer’s products, prices, and services.

13. How is cannabis regulated in Maryland? In Maryland, cannabis is regulated by the Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA). The MCA licenses and regulates cannabis growers, processors, transporters, testers, and retailers. The MCA is also responsible for implementing the state’s social equity provisions, which aim to repair harm from the war on drugs and ensure fairness in the cannabis industry.

14. Are there restrictions on advertising for cannabis businesses? Yes, there are restrictions on advertising for cannabis businesses. For example, advertising cannot be targeted towards minors, cannot depict the use of cannabis, and cannot make false or misleading statements about cannabis. There are also restrictions on outdoor advertising and certain types of advertising content.

15. How is cannabis taxed in Maryland? In Maryland, cannabis is subject to a 20% excise tax at the point of sale. This tax is in addition to the standard sales tax.

16. What is the minimum age to purchase cannabis in Maryland? The minimum age to purchase cannabis in Maryland is 21. Valid identification is required.

17. Can I consume cannabis in a cannabis retailer? No, you cannot consume cannabis in a cannabis retailer.

18. Are there restrictions on the packaging of cannabis products? Yes, all cannabis products must be in child-resistant packaging. Cannabis products cannot be packaged in a way that appeals to minors.

19. What are the hours of operation for cannabis retailers? The hours of operation for cannabis retailers vary. You should check with the specific retailer for their hours of operation.

20. Can cannabis be delivered in Maryland? Yes, cannabis can be delivered in Maryland. However, the person receiving the delivery must be at least 21 years old and provide valid identification at the time of delivery.

FAQ Data Source: Maryland Cannabis Administration (PDF)