“Take screenshot” option added to menu in Chrome OS Dev


Like many other features, taking a screenshot on a Chromebook is not clearly explained in any manual. Users usually have to do a Google search to find out how to take a screenshot. Google is attempting to make this procedure more intuitive by adding it to the menu.

You can find out how to take a screenshot in Chrome OS by reading our previous guide. The latest Chrome OS Dev update brings the third option, which is much easier to find.

How to take a screenshot in Chrome OS


Aside from the previous ways, you can now find the option in your Chrome menu. Simply hit the Chrome menu button, go to “More tools” and click on “Take screenshot”.

Of course, this is still a Dev channel feature, so it’s not complete yet. One major flaw is that, when taking the screenshot like this, the Chrome menu still appears in the picture. Googler François Beaufort promises this will be “gone in the near future”, though.

[François Beaufort]