Google Now cards now available for Chrome OS Dev


Google Now has only lived within mobile devices until now, but we have been hoping for it to come to the desktop. Google’s hotword search function get’s closer to it, but we still haven’t tasted full Google Now on Chrome. The latest Chrome OS Dev update changes history by giving us Google Now cards, though – will it be all we have expected?

Not exactly, Google Now cards for Chrome OS Dev will have their limitations. This is mainly due to the lack of location services, which will cause less of your Google Now cards to appear. Other than that, it should work as expected, though.

I am hoping this will get improved in the future. Networks can many times determine your location. In addition, many of us use Google Now in our smartphones. Google Now for Chroem OS could determine your location by checking where your smartphone is!

How to get Google Now cards on Chrome OS Dev

To activate this feature, you simply have to go to chrome://flags/#enable-google-now and enable the experimental flag. You can then manage the notifications from the usual settings “gear” button.

[François Beaufort]