Chrome OS gestures: three-finger swipe down for overview mode

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 2.20.49 PM

Chrome OS continues to evolve and we continue to get all the goodies. Features may not be raining on us, but we are definitely witnessing an evolving platform that is growing to become the nect big desktop OS. You can also get experimental if you don’t like waiting, though. Chrome OS Dev mode let’s you test all the beta services before they hit the stable release, and today’s new feature may be a great reason to flip the switch.

The latest update to Chrome OS Dev mode gives you the ability to enter overview mode with a simple gesture. Just do a 3-finger swipe down in the screen and it will show all your open windows. You can then tap on one of them and quickly access it. Think of it as a better window management tool, which Chrome OS really needs.

This feature makes it a breeze to switch between windows, instead of worrying about resizing and moving them around. It’s sad that most of you won’t be able to check it out, though. The only Chrome OS laptop with a touchscreen continues to be the Chromebook Pixel. Sadly, not many can easily afford a $1,300 dollar Pixel.

We are still hopeful more affordable touch-screen Chromebooks will come to market, by then this feature should be available for the stable release!