Chrome OS Dev update: languages, volume sound, music icon and more


Chrome OS Dev has just received a new update, and as usual, it comes with some pretty cool features for you to check out. We have decided to put them together this week. Most times we write about them separately, but these are smaller topics and we thought you would like to see them all at once.

Every Chrome OS Dev update comes with a plethora of hidden improvements, but there is usually a few that bring some noticeable difference. This week we have added languages to the TTS (Text-to-speech), volume control improvements and revamped design in a few Chrome OS elements.

What is Chrome OS Dev

I like to tell people what Chrome OS Dev channel is before we move into these topics. We don’t want people running to test the latest features without knowing these are experimental. Those in Chrome OS Dev always get to test the newest features first, but they are also prone to see more bugs and issues.

To learn more about Chrome OS channels and which one is right for you, you can refer to our Chrome OS channel guide for more details.

With that out of the way, let’s jump into the new features!


Languages added to TTS

Test-to-speech can be a great tool, but it’s no good if it’s not available in your language. In fact, it may be just as bad if it doesn’t support your language well. This is why Google and its partners continuously work on improving such features.

With the latest update ChromeVox added and improved a list of languages to the TTS used in Chrome OS Dev. Here is the list:

Added languages

  • Brazilian Portuguese Female
  • Korean Female
  • Italian Female
  • Indian English Female
  • US Spanish Female

Improved languages

  • German Female
  • GB English Female
  • US English Female
  • Spanish Female
  • French Female


Windows headers are now white

As you can see in the image below, app window headers in Chrome OS are now white. This looks much cleaner to me, compared to the gray headers. That’s a matter of opinion, though. What do you think?


New music player icon

The music player has been getting more updates lately. It was improved with a new interface this February, and now we are seeing a completely new icon being tested in Chrome OS Dev. I believe the new design goes very well with the new music player user interface. It’s sleek and clean. Check it out!


Volume control sounds added

This is a very basic feature that has been missing in Chrome OS. With the latest Chrome OS Dev update, your Chromebook will now play a sound whenever you change the volume up or down. This sound will go parallel with the current volume, allowing you to know how high or low you want to adjust it.

Not the biggest of updates, but it sure is very appreciated.


[François Beaufort]