Google “Go Search” button appears in Chrome Canary’s omnibox


I have always had a problem with searching through the Omnibox. Not because the feature isn’t helpful, I happen to love it and use it for single search. My issue with it is that it doesn’t seem to be very obvious for the general consumer. There is no signal or flag that indicates one can search from the Omnibox, making it more of a geek-only feature. But what if Google added a signal letting you know you can search from the Omnibox?

That is exactly what Google is testing on Chrome Canary at the moment. The Search Giant is making the Omnibox’s search function much more obvious by placing a big, blue “Go Search” button next to the Omnibox. It’s the same button that appears in Google Search, so people should feel right at home. As soon as the browser recognizes you are typing a search, the button will show up.

Pretty neat if you ask me. I didn’t necessarily like the search function in the “New Tab” page that came with a recent update to Chrome, so let’s hope this will allow Google to get rid of that annoying change!

François Beaufort says not every Chrome Canary user is getting this new feature yet, but you could be one of the lucky ones enjoying it. Go test it and let us know your results!

[François Beaufort]