Wii U External Hard Drive and Storage Deals

So maybe you got stuck with a white edition of the Nintendo Wii U and are disappointed in your inability to download games to your local device. Or maybe you’ve got the black edition but either play a ton of games or want to extend Nintendo’s latest console with access to music, movies and games that you own. Or maybe a combination of both! We’ve got you covered.

The holiday season is the PERFECT time to take advantage of amazing deals on storage of all types, but the deals often change, so you’ll want to make two decisions:

  • How much storage do you want?
  • How much are you willing to pay?

The Wii U is compatible with external hard drives up to 2TB. While they’ve hinted that they may make updates so consumers can use even larger storage solutions, 2 terabytes of data is quite a bit so it should please 99.9% of you. Obviously the more capacity the hard drive has, the more storage it will consume, and if you want something compact you’ll pay for that convenience as well.

Let’s start with the beefiest of solutions and work our way down. I tend to prefer a couple of specific online retailers (Amazon, NewEgg) so you’re likely to see them listed most frequently below. First up…

External Hard Drives for the Wii U:
Take your console to the next level by by making room for tons of media and games.

USB Storage for the Wii U:
Small and compact, USB Storage solves a simple problem with simple solution. 

SD Card storage for the Wii U:
Pick up a USB SD Card Reader and snag an SD Card. I’d suggest getting a Class 10 and make sure if it’s a MicroSD it comes with an SD card adapter. Both SD and SDHC are fine.

Have you added any external storage? How was your experience? Post your own suggestions for external storage and Cyber Monday/Week deals in the comments!