Weather Window Chrome app review [VIDEO]

There is an infinity of weather apps and services for every platform out there, but none of them stands out like Weather Window (by Weather Bug) to us. Mainly because the app offers a very interactive interface and pleasing design, but it also sports many features we are sure many of you will find convenient.

Weather Window was recently updated and it’s looking rather gorgeous. The app welcomes you with a window displaying what the weather is like in your neighborhood. And we mean that literally, as Weather Window can track weather based on your address. The image in the window can also be changed to live video feed from cameras placed around your city. There is a weather indicator displaying the temperature and weather conditions to the right of the screen (if you are more used to numbers than images). One can also add multiple cities to the Weather Window, which appear as tabs at the top of the display.

Another feature you may find useful is Weather Window’s weather tracking by the hour. I have never trusted these reports. I mean come on, sometimes they are wrong by days. How can they get it right by the hour? In the video I demonstrate that Weather Window states it was going to rain in my area at about 10 PM. It ended up raining at around 11:15, so it’s not perfect, but provides a good estimate.

There is also a map available with live coverage of storms and clouds. By the way, if you live in an area where natural disasters and storms are common, Weather Window will come in handy. It displays warnings in bright red, so that mighty storm won’t be catching you by surprise.

It’s hard to see the app’s full functionality without seeing it first-hand, so I have recorded a video review for you. I happen to really like the interface, and the weather report is as accurate as it can get (considering none of them ever get it completely right). You can download it (it’s about a whopping 36 MB) straight from the Chrome Web Store.

Link: Weather Window