Send videos from any computer to your Chromecast

Chromecast peeking

The Chromecast has gained an insane amount of popularity since its announcement. It’s very affordable at $35 and can be great for streaming videos from your devices to your TV. Developers are already jumping on board (even the big ones) and we are very excited for what’s coming.

ClockworkMod’s Koushik Dutta is especially excited about developing for the Chromecast. He has been experimenting on it, creating an app that allows you to cast videos from your smartphone, as well as straight from DropBox. But his latest endeavor is probably the most exciting.

Koush has finished developing a Chrome extension that will allow you to cast videos from your computer’s (or Chromebook’s) hard drive straight to your Chromecast. Koushik has done his magic and this extension is said to do wonders.

He explains it is “highly efficient” as there is no lag and streams at full quality. In essence, the extension works as a web server running straight from your browser. Indeed, the web has come very far.

As any other Chrome extension, you can expect it to work on all computer Chrome browsers, so all of us will be able to enjoy it as soon as it goes up on the Chrome Web Store. It should become available relatively soon, so stay tuned for more news on this!

[Koushik Dutta]