Update brings docked mode support to Chrome OS

Laptops offer mobility, but there is nothing like a full desktop set-up when using your computer at home or at an office. For those who seek the best of both worlds, the best option would be to get a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Hooking all of these to a laptop can turn it into a desktop computer of sorts, but Chrome OS lacked this functionality until the latest Chrome OS Dev update.


Chrome OS Dev users can now hook their Chromebooks to a monitor and close the lid. Docked mode will stop the chromebook from being suspended when the lid is closed. The laptop’s computer would act as your CPU, turning off the screen and giving you a full desktop experience.

This is the way I currently work with my Mac when I am at home. I have to say I love the larger screen, and I can just unplug everything and take off when I need to work on-the-go. You can even take a wireless keyboard and HDMI chord to your travels and use your hotel TV as a computer. How would you use docked mode? Do you ever find the need for it?

[Source: Chromium Via: François Beaufort]