Weekend tip: bookmark many Chrome tabs at once


Not properly managing your Chrome tabs and bookmarks can turn your browsing experience into a living hell. It will not only affect performance, but content will be hidden and hard to find. This is why I wanted to share a little tip with you guys today.

Did you know you can bookmark all your open Chrome tabs with the press of a few keys? It’s actually a very simple process. After you do it it will take all your open tabs and make a list of bookmarks for you. You can then choose where you want them to be saved.

How to bookmark multiple open tabs

Bookmark All Tabs

  • Put all your tabs of choice in a window and select it.
  • Press Control + Shift + D (Command + Shift + D for Mac users).
  • Select where you would like to save the bookmarks.
  • Done!

This can also be used to temporarily save your tabs for later use, without having to leave Chrome open. Give it a try and keep all your bookmarks neat and organized!