Analyst: Super Mario Maker cannot save the Wii U

super mario maker save wii u

Super Mario Maker is Nintendo’s big Wii U release this Fall. We were supposed to be getting Zelda and Star Fox, but both of those have been delayed, and Nintendo is now counting on Super Mario Maker to boost console sales.

And it’s been doing pretty well: sales in Japan have been great, and the Wii U saw a noticeable boost in sales when Mario Maker was released.

But that’s not enough to save the Wii U, according to game analyst Michael Pachter. Speaking to Fortune, Pacther said:

“I doubt that anything can save the Wii U. Anyone who has waited this long is unlikely to be swayed by this game, although I would imagine you’ll see a sales spike of a few hundred thousand units over the next several months.”

Pachter says that he expects Super Mario Maker to sell less than 5 million units. Which isn’t a big prediction: no one expected Mario Maker to sell over 5 million units. Not even Mario Kart 8 has sold that many units.

And in all honesty, no one expected Super Mario Maker to save the Wii U. If any game can save the Wii U (if it’s even possible to save at this point) it’s the upcoming Zelda game. But we have to wait at least 6 months for that.

Recently, Nintendo released the Super Mario Maker Patch 1.10.