Watch this kid beat a Super Mario Maker level with a 0.06% clear rate [VIDEO]

While many of us are eagerly anticipating Nintendo porting Super Mario Maker to Switch, one 14 year-old boy is content with the game on his Wii U. He’s uploaded a short video of him playing a kaizo level that only has a 0.06% clear rate. If you’re unfamiliar with the term kaizo used to describe these levels, here’s a quick primer.

Moreso, [kaizo levels] have multiple, pinpoint-accurate obstacles, often requiring highly advanced techniques to accomplish, and usually in rapid succession.

Yup, this dude’s got that down pat. It looks like the level revolves around getting every single POW available in the level to clear obstacles, so the fact that he’s beaten the level is truly an accomplishment. In his description on the YouTube page, he says he’s been practicing at beating this level for a week. Not bad!

Here’s to hoping Nintendo will finally port this game to Nintendo Switch so it gets the recognition it deserves. If they can bring it to Nintendo 3DS, why not Switch? Would you play it again?

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