You can now stream embedded YouTube videos to Chromecast


Chromecast support continues to improve with more apps, an open SDK and further support in general. Someday you will be able to stream content from any device or platform, and Google is taking YouTube Chromecast streaming to the next level. You can now stream embedded YouTube videos to the popular HDMI dongle.

It was already possible to stream YouTube videos from your desktop browser to Chromecast, but this was only possible from the YouTube page. Embedded videos did not enjoy this privilege until recently. This makes YouTube much more seamlessly integrated to Google Cast.

The feature has been in testing for a while, but a Chromecast support page has been updated to mention the following:

“Casting from YouTube is supported from the YouTube app,, and most embedded YouTube videos.”

Of course, the feature is still limited. Of course, private videos don’t work. You also shouldn’t have any luck with live and non-mobile videos. More support should come soon, but for now it’s nice to be able to enjoy embedded YouTube videos on your Chromecast. Happy casting!

[via The Verge]