Shortcuts for Google extension: All your Google services within the click of a button

Google fans are probably taking advantage of many of the services the Search Giant offers. Why not? Most of them are free (or very affordable) quality services. And while the Google bar is very helpful, sometimes one just needs a bit more functionality. If that is the case, Shortcuts for Google is a great way to access all your Google services with the click of a button.

The app places a shortcut button in your extensions bar. Upon clicking the icon, one is presented with a list of Google services shortcuts. This list can be customized to include any service of your preference. And the available options are not scarce.

There are shortcuts available for any Google product you can think of, and even pages within those services. For example, one can have a shortcut that will direct you straight to your Google+ circles, or to the Movies section of the Google Play Store.

I have been using it for a few days, and it has been one of the most convenient tools I have found in a long time. One can even customize the link URLs and names, so the sky is the limit. This one is definitely a Chrome Spot-recommended app, so make sure to hit the link below and check it out.

Chrome Web Store: Shortcuts for Google