Rovio Account allows for Angry Birds syncing, Chrome support should be coming

Rovio has just announced Rovio Account, a service that allows you to sync your progress across devices. One will now be able to sync the game’s progress across devices by logging into an account. The game will be saved “in the cloud” and you should be able to pick up any device and continue playing.


This solves one of the biggest issues with mobile gaming. Not only do we switch devices often, but we also have a variety of devices we use at home and on-the-go. Not being able to take your game to different devices and screens has been the biggest reason why I stop playing mobile games. It’s simply not worth it to pass all those levels all over again. Another benefit would be that multiple users can now simply log in and out of their own accounts and continue playing their respective game sessions.

I am a huge fan of cloud gaming and saving, so I am not only excited to see this feature coming to tablets and smartphones, but we should see it coming to other platforms. Of course, Chrome should be in the list. We already have cloud saving for Chrome, which is a step forward, but it doesn’t work through Rovio Account. Instead, it uses your Google Account to sign in and out of your game. Convenient, but it only works with Chrome.

the-croods-game-postThe bad news is that the service is currently a bit limited and we will have to wait to get full support. Globally, only The Croods supports Rovio Account right now. Finland and Poland are getting first dibs with Rovio Account support for the classic Angry Birds game for iOS.

Rovio promises there will be more devices and games supported in due time, so let’s see when Chrome gets its chance. Maybe then I will start playing Angry Birds again – will you?