Rabbids Land Wii U gameplay walkthrough

The Wii U is a prime console for party games — offline multiplayer games consisting of several mini games that can be played with many friends at the same time. There’s already an official Wii U party game from Nintendo called “Nintendo Land“, then there’s Game Party Champions from Warner Bros, and finally, there’s Ubisoft’s entry into the Wii U party game scene: Rabbids Land.

Ubisoft presented Rabbids Land at GamesCom, giving players a chance to check out Rabbids Land and its many mini games. Luckily, someone managed to get it all on video, and we get to see some of the attractions, the “virtual playing board”, the menu and interface, etc. In particular, we get to see a ghost game where players cooperate to capture ghosts in a haunted mansion. In fact, Rabbids Land reminds us a lot of Nintendo Land — perhaps a bit too much. Actually, Ubisoft has yet another party game for the Wii U: Sports Connection, which reminds us of Wii Sports. Check out the Rabbids Land full video below: