Quick View removed from Google Search


Google is constantly evolving. We are filling our website with great improvement and new features, but every now and then we see a good thing die. We are sure Google has its reasons, but it’s sad, nonetheless. Today we say Goodbye to Google’s Quick View functionality.


No, this is not the same Quick View we showed you last week. This Quick View was Google’s way of quickly showing documents in Google Docs. Search results that appeared as files would be easily opened, including PDFs, word documents, spreadsheets and slide shows.

This feature’s removal comes after the announcement of Google’s new Chrome extension: Chrome Office Viewer. It serves the same purpose, really, so maybe the Search Giant didn’t see the need in keeping both. If you miss Quick View this will be your best option, so go see all the details on the Chrome Office Viewer extension.

Will you guys miss Quick View?

[via Google Operating System]