PwnedCast ROM: The very first Chromecast ROM!


If it’s a popular electronic device, people are going to hack it. Such has been the case for Google’s devices, which tend to be pretty hacker friendly (even the locked down ones). People always find a way and now it’s the Chromecast’s turn. Google’s HDMI dongle has just gotten its very first custom ROM!

Based on the 13300 stock image, the ROM will not bring you much of an improved experience just yet. This is the first step to what is looking like an awesome future for the Chromecast. The features are scarce and mostly system-wise.

PwnedCast ROM features

  • Root SSH/Telnet Access
  • Uses DHCP DNS Servers
  • Google OTA’s Disabled
  • Custom Boot Image
  • PwnedCast OTA Update Engine! Read more Here:
  • PwnedCast Recovery Image, which is based on FlashCast V1.1.1
  • KyoCast Built In!


The most exciting part here is that this ROM will take your Chromecast out of Google’s reach. The ROM disables Google OTA update system and replaces it for the developer’s (XDA’s ddggttff3). Whenever/if he releases an upgrade, it will be sent straight to your Chromecast via an OTA update!

Don’t worry, the features are coming! Good news is: if you fail, you are only out $35! It’s easier to swallow $35 over having to replace a smartphone. You should still consider this may void your warranty and/or damage your device, though. As always, do your research and don’t blame anyone but yourself if something bad happens.

If you still want to install this ROM, here are the instructions!

How to install PwnedCast in my Chromecast

  • Setup and Install FlashCast V1.1.1 on a Jump Drive
  • Rename the Zip to, and place in the root folder on the FlashCast Jump Drive.
  • Plug the FlashCast jump drive into the ChromeCast, hold the button, and plug in power to boot the device.
  • NOTE: If you try flashing with FlashCast V1.0, the install will fail.
  • Flashing will take 6~ minutes, be patient! As long as the ChromeCast LED is white, it is flashing.
  • Once done, the device will reboot.

You can find more details and all the downloads at the original XDA Developers thread, where you can also find comments and suggestions from other users, as well as the developer. Have fun and be patient while more features come!

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