Get your first look at Pokemon Sun and Moon starters’ powerful Z-Moves right here

Pokemon Sun and Moon is fastly approaching, and with that, even more content is being released to help us survive the wait. The latest is a new trailer showing off the Z-Moves for each of the 3 new starter Pokemon.

If you don’t know, Z-Moves are super powerful moves where a Pokemon and its trainer combine their strength to release a devastating blow. Here’s a quick description of each cinematic move:

  • Decidueye (evolves from Rowlett): your Pokemon takes to the skies to unleash a hail of arrows onto the target below.
  • Incineroar (evolves from Litten): step into the squared circle of a boxing ring and watch as your Pokemon falls out of the sky and onto your opponent like a flaming meteor.
  • Primarina (evolves from Popplio): Orchestrate a perfect song with your Pokemon as it conjures a great ball of water that’ll explode like the most deadly water balloon ever once it reaches your foe.

And if you think these moves can only be done with starters, don’t fret. While there are some Pokemon-exclusive Z-Moves, the game will allow you to perform as many as 18 Z-Moves (one for each type) with any Pokemon you want.

The trailer also shows off new Ultra Beasts, too, so you’ll want to check it out ASAP to see what you’ll be up against once the games launch.