Pokemon Sun and Moon’s second global mission is much more forgiving

The next global mission for Pokemon Sun and Moon has been revealed. Unlike the last mission — which asked trainers to catch 100 million Pokemon — this goal seems much more attainable.

This time around, players must use the Island Scan feature to find (either catch or defeat them) 1 million Pokemon. If you don’t know, Island Scan is a tool that helps you find rare Pokemon in Alola, but it’s only accessible after you’ve used the game’s QR Reader 5 times (or 10 times if the Pokemon you are finding aren’t eligible for the maximum amount of points the scans are worth).

To help players out, The Pokemon Company dished out 5 QR codes that’ll get you the amount of points needed to unlock Island Scan. Here they are:

Remember, you have to either defeat or catch the Pokemon for them to count, so don’t flee! The mission is going through January 9th, and successfully completing it will net you 2,017 Festival Coins. Failing to complete the mission will still get you 217 coins, but you’ll obviously want the extra 800 for what should be a very doable task.