Oh, Flappy Bird – where art thou?

The internet was a bit odd this weekend. Popular game Flappy Bird was taken off app stores, leaving people with no flapping idea of what was going on. Weirdest thing is this had nothing to do with lack of success or legal issues, the game was simply making the developer’s life miserable.


This came as a shock, especially considering earlier reports state the app was making about $50,000 a day! Who turns their back on such a lucrative game? Developer Dong Nguyen was being bombarded by the press and the game’s users. He just wants to live his simple life, and this game was not helping.

Can I still play Flappy Birds?

For Dong Nguyen, money can’t buy happiness. We are sure some of you might still want to play Flappy Bird, though! There are many clones out there. All it takes is a simple Flappy Bird search in the app stores to find some of them. You can find clones both in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Now, if you want to play something more familiar to Flappy Bird, we have found a closer replica of the game. What’s best – this version of the game can be played on any platform. The game was cloned and developed in HTML 5, which means you can simply play it in your Chrome browser.

Play Flappy Bird in your browser

It should work on any device and HTML 5-compatible browser, so have at it! It’s not exactly the same, and I actually found it to be a bit harder, but it seems to be the closest we can get to the original game. It also works with touch controls as well as your mouse (yes, you can even play it on your computer).

What if I installed the app before it was taken down?

If you were already flapping away before Nguyen took down the app, you can continue playing it! The High Scores system continues to work, the app just won’t be updated or supported. Also, those who have Android can do a quick Google search and find the APK file. Sideloading the game should work like a charm.

What’s your highest score?

Now that we have settled this, let’s get back to what really matters. What’s your highest score in Flappy Bird? I managed to get 105 after hours of practice and hair loss.

my Flappy Bird score