New Google Maps now available!

Google announced its new Google Maps interface last May. It has been a while since then, but Google is glad to announce the new Google Maps will start rolling out as of today!

Many of us have been testing the new Google Maps since last year. You might not see many changes if you have been a tester, but those of you who haven’t used the new Google Maps will love it!

The interface and settings are much more clean and minimalistic. It’s a bit different so it might take some time getting used to, but once you know your ins and outs it will be great!

Google highlights 3 important features in the New Google Maps. There is much more to the update, but these are some of the most important improvements.

Smarter searches

smarter decisions

Google Maps now takes many factors into account when looking for places on Google Maps. If you rate a coffee shop, for example, Maps is more likely to give you results for similar businesses.

Improved directions

I use Google maps for directions and Navigation very often. I have become very dependent on Google Maps to get around. Not because I don’t know the area, but because Google Maps does more than just tell you how to get somewhere.

The new Google Maps now offers you alternate routes, telling you the time and distance to your destination. Google factors in traffic data too, so there is no reason for anyone to worry about that factor.


Improved images

Location photos have also been improved. You can access a gallery of images taken at certain locations, allowing you to explore and see more of the places you want to check out.


When will I get it?

Google Maps will start rolling out today, so some of you may already have it. If you don’t, it shouldn’t be long before you get it, so sit tight!