New Gmail now available for iOS, Android and desktop


Gmail’s new inbox is quite helpful for those of us who live and work online (which is most people nowadays). The improved interface helps you keep your inbox organized by separating your emails in categories. These include Primary, Social, Promotions and Forums. The update took a few days to reach us, but now the new system has been implemented through all main platforms!

new-gmail-iosThe new Gmail is now available for desktop, Android and iOS users. Whether you are on your smartphone, tablet, Chromebook or Windows/Mac computer, you will have your labels working perfectly.

I thought the new system would be a bit confusing at first. It has really grown on me after using it for a few days, though. I work online all day long, so I really appreciate not being interrupted by senseless emails while hard at work. I can forget about social emails while writing an article, for example. Then I can go right back and focus on the Social category when I am trying to interact with you, our readers!

It works very well for me, even if it takes a bit of getting used to. You can get the new Gmail apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, so have at it! If you have been using the new Gmail, let us know what you think! Do you agree with me that it’s pretty awesome? Do you hate it?