New Chromebook users now greeted with improved “Welcome” Component app


The holidays are just around the corner and we know many of you will be rocking your new gadgets. Some of you may be getting a new Chromebook and will be greeted very nicely! Google has just updated its Chrome OS Welcome app.

What’s in the new Chrome OS Welcome app?

  • As you can see above, the app now calls you by your first name.
  • The new version of this app also let’s you know about your App Launcher, and the fact that you can access all your apps from there. (Looks a lot like Android’s tips)
  • The tips also tell you that the status bar displays your network status, battery, etc.
  • You get a new illustration upon finishing the tutorial.


It’s nice to see the Chrome OS team making it easier for new users to learn how to use their Chromebooks. The OS is pretty much a glorified Chrome browser, but the UI still has its tricks. People don’t always know how to use Chromebooks intuitively.

Current users can check out the new features by doing a powerwash. A powerwash is pretty much a factory reset for the Chromebook, except it takes less than a minute. Might be worth a shot if you are curious!

So, how many of you are getting a new Chromebook soon?