Chromebook settings will no longer look like a browser


Isn’t it annoying that your Chromebook settings look just like any other browser tab or window? The worst part is it’s not only bothersome, but it makes settings confusing to many new Chrome OS users. We need a way to differentiate between the browser and your Chromebook settings.

We are glad to see Google is working on this, and they have created a wrapper for the settings page that makes it look like its very own window. It offers a much simpler and cleaner UI that will not be confused with “just another website”.

There is one downside, though. Currently, this feature is only available for Chrome OS Dev users. To learn more about Chrome OS Dev you can check out our comparison post, but it’s basically like an Alpha version of Chrome OS. These features are experimental and can be unstable. Be careful switching to Chrome OS Dev, not everything will work as expected.

With the disclaimer out of the way, here is how you can activate this experimental feature.


How to activate new settings window

  • Make sure you are using Chrome OS Dev channel.
  • Open your Chrome browser.
  • Type chrome://flags/#enable-settings-window into the omnibar and press enter.
  • Enable the Settings Window flag.
  • You are set!

You should be all set to go after following these steps. You can test it by clicking on the status bar and accessing your settings. Let us know how you are liking it!