Nefarious is a side-scrolling action game where you play the villain, and it needs your help

Nefarious is one of the more interesting games to hit Kickstarter that could eventually find a home on Wii U. If you don’t remember, we spoke briefly about Nefarious with one of the project creator’s friends. It’s a game where you’re placed into the role of a villain — not every day you get to be the bad guy. You’ll plot evil deeds and steal princesses (who can give you new abilities and powers depending on which ones you still), and cause mayhem for seemingly no reason whatsoever.

The game features a pretty nice art style that combines classic, over-the-top illustration with smooth and whacky animation. They say their game’s style was inspired by titles like Earthworm Jim and other classic superhero/villain games and comics.

nefarious pre-alfa

This side-scrolling action game is just over two days away from its Kickstarter deadline, and unfortunately it has not yet reached its goal — they’ve only managed to raise about $33,000 of the $50,000 goal they’re going for. The company remains optimistic that they’ll be able to get there as they note most projects which reach 60% of their goal are likely to be funded, though there’s always a chance those trends could fall.

Want to see this thing show up on Wii U? Consider pledging to help them reach their mark. $15 is the cheapest pledge that’ll get you the game so be sure to mull over all your options over at the project’s website. Stay on the lookout for any last minute deals they may put on as we’re sure they’ll be looking to give folks plenty of reasons to want to throw money into their hat.

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