Miyamoto wants to take Super Mario “in a new direction”


The Super Mario franchise is now 30 years old, and during that time, we’ve had lots and lots of Mario games, with Nintendo always trying new things for their most beloved franchise — sometimes it becomes something amazing (Super Mario Galaxy), other times not so much (Super Mario Sunshine).

And Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto affirms their commitment to try new things with the Super Mario franchise. Speaking to Time magazine, he said:

“Doing this now at the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. is really putting some more of that creativity into the players. But at the same time, we as the developers feel that it’s time for us to move in a new direction, and we’re preparing to work on the future of Super Mario from here on.”

Unlike many other developers, Nintendo has never been shy to try out new things for their most popular franchise. While other developers would have stuck with the successful formula, Nintendo has always experimented with Mario.

From Super Mario Sunshine, to Super Mario Galaxy, to Paper Mario, Miyamoto and the developers at Nintendo have always been thinking in different directions.

It will be interesting to see what they are doing with the next big Mario game. Last week, Miyamoto said that he was “considering another Mario Galaxy game on new hardware“, likely meaning the upcoming Nintendo NX console.