Microsoft continues the silliness, releases second Scroogled ad against Chromebooks

Well it seems we just have to get used to Microsoft’s silly Scroogled campaign. It’s literally turning them into the laugh of the industry, but it seems the campaign is here to stay. The PC giant recently released another Scroogled video targeting Chromebooks. It’s a little better than the Pawn Stars one, but it continues to have some level of annoyance.

Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph goes around the streets of Venice Beach, CA asking people if a Chromebook would be convenient for them. Of course they focus on the typical programs like Word, Excel, Photshop and such. The idea here is that this is not a laptop that is more valuable than a Windows machine.

To be fair, I believe Google should really change the motto “Everything you need in one laptop”. Chromebooks were not meant to replace other computers, they were meant to be solutions to web power users.

We understand Google is aiming to make Chromebooks much more self-sufficient, and in many ways they are accomplishing it, but we are not there just yet. Most people will need a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to carry out their daily chores (unless they only use computers for internet and fun).

They should not announce a Chromebook as “everything you need in one laptop”, because in many cases it simply isn’t the case. Microsoft continues to look ridiculous, though. And they do put a lot of attention on Office, which is completely replaceable with Google Drive. Also, a Chromebook is not completely useless without internet, offline features have been greatly improving.