Start a band and ‘Jam with Chrome’ from anywhere in the world

The Google Chrome team is always trying emphasize how great the web is. It has changed the way we work and communicate, not to mention the infinite possibilities when it comes to entertainment. If you are a musician, though, one of the latest projects may be to your liking.

Jam with Chrome allows you to… jam with up to 3 other users. You can simply invite your friends to come and play some tunes with you, with options to play a great selection of instruments. We have many types of guitars, basses, drum sets and keyboards. The UI comes with an automatic mode that allows non-musicians to join the fun. It certainly comes in handy, as playing “Pro” or on manual is harder than you would think.

We have put together a small video to show you what this is all about, so check it out and have fun jamming with your friends. Simply go to and have fun. Long live Chrome!

[Source: Google UK]