Ironcast is coming to Switch this summer

Ripstone Games and Dreadbit have revealed that they’re bringing Ironcast to the Nintendo Switch later this summer.

Ironcast is a turn-based, roguelite wherein your control mechs in a victorian-era London in some alternate future. Though the story details aren’t too important, the gameplay is.

During each turn, the player tries to match up different shapes and colors ala Bejeweled in an effort to power-up their mech and either deliver damage to the enemy or fortify their shields to protect against oncoming attacks.

Naturally, Ironcast will take advantage of HD rumble. It’ll also be one of the growing number of games that lets you use the Switch’s touchscreen in handheld mode. Considering this is largely a matching game, it only makes sense that the touchscreen would be utilized.

Ironcast will also feature all of the post-launch DLC in addition to an extra Commander and mech. Ripstone also says that Ironcast on Switch will have a “re-done” UI and some balancing based on previous feedback.

I played this when it originally launched on the PS4 last year and the roguelike elements kinda pushed me away. That said, I’m going to try again on the Switch. After all, this wouldn’t be the first game where switching platforms helped me enjoy it more.

Ripstone and Dreadbit are holding a livestream with a first look at Ironcast on Switch over on the Ripstone Twitch channel now.

Ironcast will be available on the Switch eShop sometime this summer.