Is your HP Chromebook 11 replacement charger not working? This might fix it


The HP Chromebook 11 has gone through more than enough problems already. The computer was taken off store shelves and its charger was recalled. You can get your replacement charger now, but it seems there might be yet another issue for some of you. Some people have been reporting that the replacement charger is not working properly.

Like others all over the internet, Reddit user vera214usc was having trouble getting the new charger to work. More specifically, the problem was that it wasn’t charging at all. You can imagine his frustration after going through a recall and melting chargers.

We have reached out to HP for an answer, but so far this seems to be a problem with software. The Reddit thread brings to light a possible fix.

How to fix non-working HP Chromebook 11 charger


Users are reporting that a simple power wash (format reset) is fixing this issue. To do this, you can just press and hold the refresh and power buttons. This will bring your computer back to factory settings.

Like with any other factory reset, all your local files will be lost. Make sure you back those up before you perform this power wash.

This seems to have fixed the issue for a few people, so it might be worth a shot if your new charger (or any charger) doesn’t work with the HP Chromebook 11.

What a mess!