Advantages of microUSB charging port on a Chromebook: charging it with another Chromebook


The HP Chromebook 11 surprised us with one of the most innovative features any laptop could come with – microUSB charging. Forget about all those silly proprietary chargers that cost a fortune. Most of us have a smartphone, so that means most of us will always have a charger for this laptop around. What other possibilities does this feature open, though?

Googler François Beaufort has tried plugging the Chromebook to his Pixel’s USB port and it seems to work! Yes, guys. You can charge your HP Chromebook 11 with another Chromebook. IT would probably take forever, as computer USB ports don’t charge very quickly. In fact, this is a bit of an issue Beaufort ran into.

This is actually a pretty cool feature, the computer let’s you know when the microUSB charger is not giving the laptop juice fast enough. Upon plugging the HP Chromebook 11 to the Pixel, François Beaufort got a message saying the computer might not charge while in use. And to consider using the official charger.


It’s always nice to know a charger is not doing it’s job. One can then change strategies and charge the device another way. Many times I have tried to charge devices only to find out the USB port was only enough to give me 1% of juice. Let’s hope more Chromebooks get a microUSB charging port. I am liking the way this is going!