How to set up BT Homehub to work with Chromecast

Chromecast Development

BT Homehub is not a type of router we often see in the USA, but we know it’s very popular in other countries, like the UK. There seem to be some issues with Chromecast and BT Homehub devices, which can be a nuisance to those who just purchased a Chromecast (which was released in the UK today). Thankfully, there is a fix.

What is the problem with Chromecast and BT Homehub?

BBC iPlayer (popular internet TV app) seems to be having some issues with the way BT Homehubs handle the network. The app just recently got Chromecast support and UK users have been itching to test it out, but there might be some wrinkles you have to iron out first.

Users who try to send an iPlayer video to Chromecast are presented with BT Homehub’s Smart Setup wizard. The problem is there is no way to click on the options from your Chromecast-supported app or TV. In short – you are stuck in this screen and can’t launch iPlayer videos.

For now this seems to be a problem that only exists with this app, but more issues may come in the future. It’s best to take care of business right now.


How do I fix the problem with Chromecast and BT Homehub?

You must get rid of the Smart Setup wizard, which is not very hard to do. Here are the steps:

  • From a computer or device connected to your Homehub, enter your BT Homehub’s admin menu.
  • Click on the Advanced Settings tab.
  • Click on the Home Network option.
  • You will se an option that says “Enable Smart Setup”, click on “No”.
  • Hit Apply.

Once all is said and done, your router will do its thing and you should now be able to use iPlayer with your Chromecast and BT Homehub. Enjoy!