Google offering device-finding tool with Android Device Manager

Don’t you hate losing your phone? Google hasn’t offered an official device locator and the service is long overdue. Apple and Windows Phone have been offering their lost device tools for a while and now it’s time for Google to shine. The Search Giant has just announced that it will be releasing a tool to find lost Android phones. It will come via the new Android Device Manager.


The service will allow you to locate and (to an extent) control your device from a browser. Users will be able to see the device on a map, make it ring (even when silenced) and even wipe it completely. The latter would be for those instances when you suspect you won’t be getting your phone back and want to keep your information secure.

Of course, Android already has similar services, but none have come straight from Google. This should be the most reliable, as it comes straight from Google. For example, the service doesn’t even need an app (though there will be one for other features). All you need to do is sign into the same Google account on your phone.

This feature will be available from the Android Device Manager later in August. It will support devices with Android 2.2 and above, so most Android users will be able to take advantage of it. About time, Google!