Hands-on: VEVO Chromecast app [VIDEO]

VEVO is easily one of the biggest (if not the biggest) distributor of music videos in the world. The most popular musicians and artists are featured by VEVO and there is no better way to enjoy their content than with the official app. VEVO’s Android app just get better as Chromecast support is introduced, but will it beat VEVO on YouTube?

I find that the quality of the videos is much higher while using the official VEVO app. Even more so while streaming videos to your Chromecast at full 1080p resolution. The image is crisp, there are no stutters and colors look great. I absolutely love the experience now that the app supports Chromecast.

The process is as simple as any other Chromecast app – you tap the Chromecast icon on the top-right corner of the app and select which Chromecast you want to stream your content to. The best features are in the app, though.

VEVO app sections

The VEVO app is very well organized. I do wish you didn’t have to access the Settings button to enter other categories, but this should be something that is coming later. I would like to see VEVO adopting the standard Android swipe-from-the-left function to display the categories and settings.

With that said, let’s jump into the goodies – here are the app categories and options:vevo-1

  • Videos: This section puts the best music videos front and center by displaying the TopVideos. It is also simple to swipe left and right to find videos in the Permieres and Newly Released categories.
  • Artists: The artists section is divided in two: Top Artists and Newly Added. Plan and simple!
  • Shows: This is where VEVO took MTV and kicked it in the rear. VEVO is purely about music and so are the shows! This section shows all the current VEVO shows in a simple slide up/down organization.
  • My Playlists, Device History and Friends: Starting a VEVO account has its advantages, these 3 categories being the most obvious. You can create your own playlists (awesome for parties with music videos), check outs music videos in your device history and interact with friends.

Though the settings and categories are not organized as they should, the app is very clean and easy to use, as well as visually rich. I will be using the Playlists and Chromecast features much more often now.

We give you a little demonstration in the video above, so check it out and give the app a try. And don’t forget to check out the Chromecast forums if you have any questions, comments or tips!