Hands-on: Revision3 Chromecast app [VIDEO]

Revision3 is a video streaming service that curates and brings you the best shows online. You can find shows, podcasts, reviews and much more here. Revision3 fans got a nice little treat today: the app now supports Chromecast and you can take your experience to the larger screen!

The app is very simple and straight forward. You can use 3 different categories to look for your favorite content.

Revision3 app categories

  • Episodes: Videos are listed in chronological order, from most recent to older.
  • Shows: Video producers and shows are listed in alphabetical order. Great for those who want to find shows from their favorite sources.
  • Featured: This section is in the app’s main page and comes in the form of images with a small text description. You can swipe left or right to find what popular videos grab your attention.

The quality is HD so you don’t get those blurry, sub-par videos you get from other streaming services. The fact that the app has some great video producers also helps. Here are some of my favorite shows available from Revision3.

Best shows in Revision3

  • The Phillip DeFranco Show
  • SourceFed
  • SourceFed Nerd
  • GeekBeat.TV
  • Soldier Knows Best
  • Tekzilla

There is nothing confusing and the app works like a charm, so you should be able to enjoy your shows with no trouble. Check out the video and let us know your experiences (good or bad) in the comments or at the Chromecast forums!