Hands-on: Red Bull TV Chromecast app [VIDEO]

The Red Bull TV app is one of the applications that got Chromecast support today and we couldn’t help but check it out. As expected, the app offers video content related to the sports it sponsors. If you enjoy said content, you will be glad to be able to enjoy all those videos in your HDTV.

We checked out the app and it works very well. One issue I found is that the videos don’t have the crisp and clear image I was hoping to see in sports videos. The videos looked like they were in about 720p and sometimes had a little stutter. We certainly hope this will improve, as good quality streams are a must in sports.

Other than that, everything runs smooth and the app is pretty fun to use and self-explanatory. The Home section presents you with the latest videos from Red Bull. You can then re-arrange them by “Top Rated” and “Most Popular”, as well.


Red Bull TV app sections

The side menu (which you can drag by swiping from the left) offers a simple list of categories for finding your content. Aside from the Home section, users can also access the following categories:

  • Live: This section of the app will be of no use to those who want to use Chromecast – live video does not work with the streaming dongle. It’s a huge issue, but it may be due to compatibility issues. We certainly hope this feature comes around in a future update.
  • Shows: Red Bull TV features some sports-related shows. These appear in your screen in a tile manner and opening them gives you access to all episodes.
  • Videos: This section gives access to all videos and is divided in sport categories. Some categories include Bike, Motorsports, Music, Skateboarding, Snowboarding and more.
  • Other Apps: This is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a direct link to other Red Bull apps.

I have a lot of content to watch via Chromecast tonight, after work. I am pretty sure I might sneak in a few skateboarding videos in there. Make sure you do the same and check out Red Bull TV on your Chromecast-touting TVs! And don’t forget to hit the Chromecast forums to let us know all about your experience with this, and all the other apps.