Tip of the day: use Google as your timer


Who even owns a timer anymore? Ok, so many of you probably do – but why have a timer when we have all this advanced technology that can accomplish the same? We can use timers on all our devices, and now you can even use Google Search as a timer.

Google’s timer feature appeared for a short time last year, but it was quickly pulled by Google for some reason. The function has been returned and it’s very simple and easy to use. Here’s how you access it.


How to use Google’s timer

  • Go to Google’s website.
  • In the search bar, type “set timer for ____ minutes/hours/whatever”.
  • You can also say it using the Google Voice Search and hotword feature.
  • Google will bring up the timer, which will start running right away.
  • After that, controlling the timer is very simple. You can stop it, reset it, turn off the sound and turn it full-screen.


    This could be a good solution for those who like to cook with their laptops in the kitchen. You can search for your recipes and tell google to keep timers on your food. HEy, you might even be able to use it today (Valentine’s Day)!

    There is one downside for now, though. This feature is only available from the web browser so far. I sure hope it comes to Google Now, though.