Google Shopping Express offering same-day delivery

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Shopping online has completely changed the way we buy, but internet shopping is simply not always the most convenient option. For me, the biggest reason for physical retail store shopping is timing (it usually takes days to receive your products). That, and the fact you can’t simply shop for everything online. Google’s Shopping Express breaks the barriers of online shopping and takes the market to a whole new level.

Shopper 2The idea behind the project is that customers will no longer need to wait a long time before receiving their goods. Google Shopping Express puts many stores in a unified site and allows you to purchase from multiple retailers at once. Google’s partners will offer their products at Google’s portal. These products can then be ordered and delivered to your home the very same day.

Current partners include Walgreens, Target, Office Depot, American Eagle, Staples and more. The list will continue to grow, but even the current partners put this service ahead of the competition. Users can even get food delivered! And since the service offers unlimited same-day delivering, no product is out of the question. Soon enough you should be able to get your produce and fruits from Google Shopping Express.

Impressive, right? Before you jump to your browser you must know Shopping Express is not available for everyone just yet. Google is running a pilot test in the San Francisco Bay Area and it is only accessible via invite. If you live in the Bay Area, you can go ahead and sign up to be a tester. Otherwise, you will have to wait like most of us.

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I simply can’t wait until Google Shopping Express takes off. Leaving your home and taking care of business can be fun, but we know none of you like making those big lines at Walmart. Even if you do, it is not always the most convenient option. Will you take advantage of Shopping Express if/when it becomes available to the public?

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