Need to eat healthier? Google Search now features nutrition info cards

I know, eating healthy is a bit hard when you are surrounded by delicious food. At some point we have to find the strength to eat better, though, and Google is here to help. Google Search now features Google Now-like cards that can tell you information about your favorite foods. Simply make a search asking about your food’s properties and Google will give you the whole rundown.


Google’s nutrition database currently holds over 1000 of our favorite foods, so odds are you will find what you are looking for. You can ask about anything, from calories to nutrients and vitamins. It will also be available from mobile devices, so you will never ben missing out on your food facts.

The update will be rolling out to English Google users over the next 10 days. Most of us won’t be using it for a while, but keep an eye out and try it from time to time!