Google testing awesome search tool for new tab on Chrome

Google is all about speed when it comes to Chrome and Search. Every millisecond counts, and that includes the time it takes to operate the browser itself. The Search Giant is constantly trying to improve your… well, searching experience. We see many improvements done in the backend, but today Google is ready to further test a feature that looks quite awesome.

It is actually quite a simple idea, a search bar is added to your “new tab” in Chrome, right above the shortcuts and bookmarks. Most of us have the “new tab” as default because it gives us easy access to our most visited sites, bookmarks and other things. So why not expand its functionality with a Google Search bar?

The only issue I could see with it is that it’s a little redundant. The Omnibar already works as a search bar, and it happens to be on every single window and tab on Chrome. At the same time, a lot of people who don’t go deep into tech might not know that. It would be nice to give them a more obvious search field.

Now let’s get to the important part: when/how do I get this? Well, Chrome Developer and Beta users might have seen it for a while. The feature is now coming to the stable Chrome release, but not for everyone. This is weird considering Google doesn’t usually release stable release features only to some users. It’s usually all or none.

The search bar will come to a limited number of users. On top, these users will have to have Google as the default search engine (who doesn’t?). We don’t know when, or if this feature will reach all of us. We believe it should come soon. If it’s already in the Chrome stable release (albeit limited), Google must be pretty sure about it.

Are you one of the lucky ones? We would love to hear what you think!