Google announces improvements to Google+ Photos [VIDEO]

Google Plus photos backup highlight enhance awesome-wm

When Google’s Picasa was merged with Google+, some of Picasa’s features stayed in the desktop program. These features weren’t brought to the web or Google+, and that is something Google is improving with Google+ Photos’ enhancements.

This is not a photo editing solution for photographers, though. It is an automated editor that automatically improves your photos if you choose to allow it to.

Auto Enhance edits your photos to make them look as good as possible. You can tweak the settings to allow it to edit all your photos, none or some of them.

Some pictures will be better than others, though, regardless of how well they are edited. Google+ also uses its own algorithms to find out which are best. Are you at a special landmark? Are your subjects smiling? Is the image blurry? These are only some of the factors Google+ takes into account.

Google Plus auto awesome motion-wmAnd just to add that cherry on top, Google+ is also giving you a little extra “Awesome”. The Awesome feature takes pictures taken in a row, or around the same time, and makes animated images, collages, panoramas and more. You know, just for fun!

These features are rolling out to Google+ today, so stay on the lookout for your improved images.