Google wants to make sure Christmas gifts arrive on time, posts shipping schedule for Google Play orders


The “time for giving” is almost here and you want to make sure your holiday gifts arrive on time. This can be a bit tricky when ordering products online, though, so Google is making it a little easier for you. The Search Giant has posted a shipping schedule highlighting the dates you must purchase device from the Play Store in order to have them delivered by the 25th.

The list includes multiple countries, so people all around the world are set and ready to make their family members and friends happy. Here are the cut-off dates:

  • Australia: December 16 at Noon AEDT
  • Canada: December 16 at Noon EST
  • France: December 17 at Noon CET
  • Germany: December 17 at Noon CET
  • Hong Kong: December 17 at Noon HKT
  • India: December 16 at Noon IST
  • Italy: December 16 at Noon CET
  • Japan: December 17 at Noon JST
  • Korea: December 16 at Noon KST
  • Spain: December 16 at Noon CET
  • United Kingdom: December 19 at Noon GMT
  • United Sates (Ground): December 16 at Noon EST
  • United Sates (Two day): December 18 at Noon EST
  • United Sates (Next day): December 20 at Noon EST

Before you go off purchasing all your gifts, keep in mind not all products are available in every country. It’s also important to note these shipping schedules are for device currently in stock. Odds are you won’t be able to give someone a Nexus 5 in time for the holidays, for example.

Also, it’s a good time to jump and get a new Nexus 7 or Chromecast if you live in the US. Google is offering $25 of Play Store credit if you buy a Nexus 7, as well as a free movie rental if you purchase a Chromecast HDMI dongle. Nice deals if you are planning on purchasing one of these devices.

Go browse the Google Play Store for potential gifts!