FREE MUSIC: Google Play giving you the best music of 2013 , including Kanye’s Yeezus and more


The year is almost over and many of us have been looking back at the best moments of 2013. But have we taken a step back and thought about the best music? Music shares the best and worst moments of our lives, and Google is giving you the top songs of 2013 for free!

The list of free songs include some of the hottest titles of the year. In the list are included Kanye West’s Yeezuz and Arcade Fire’s Reflektor. Other free songs include titles from Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Lana del Rey, Bob Marley and other big musicians.

Of course, this is a limited time offer, so go check them out! You have nothing to loose and some free music to earn! Just remember not all songs are free. Most are, but there are a few that are just discounted.