Are you using Google Play Music All Access? You are invited to be a Glass Explorer!


Getting a Google Glass Explorer invite has been pretty complicated, but it’s getting easier. Though it was only available to Google IO attendees. Then current Glass Explorers were able to invite some of their friends. What’s next? How about inviting all Play Music All Access subscribers?

All Access subscribers are getting emails with an invite to join the Glass Explorer program. That is of course, if they are willing to pay those $1500 Google is asking for them!

I know I wouldn’t pay that much for them, but if you have some extra cash and want to be among the first to test Google Glass, this is a great chance. WE are not sure if you can get the invite by signing up right now, so for now we can only say current All Access users should be checking their inboxes.

This is invitation batch is done as a form of celebration of Google Play Music’s support for Google Glass. It’s not exactly Chrome-related news, but All Access and Google Glass are meant to work with other Google services and products.

So what’s up? Are any of you handing out $1500 for Google Gass?

[via Phandroid]