Google Now recognizes your family members!


Ever wanted to make it easier to communicate with your family members? Google Now for Android has been updated to do just that. You can now say things like “call my mom” or “text my dad”. Google pretty much recognizes who your family and close ones are.

Call MomGoogle doesn’t just know this information, though. You either have to have it pre-set, or you have to tell Google now who the person is. It is pretty simple. Tog et started, you just open Google Now on your Android device and make a voice search.

You can test it with “call mom” just to get the feel of it. After that, Google will ask you if you would like to participate and get this feature. Say “Yes, I’m in” and you will be set. If the phone does’t recognize who “mom” is, you can simply say whatever you have under her contact name or go through the list and pick her.

Why does this matter for Chrome users?

Anything that is being baked into Google Now for mobile will matter for Chrome/Chrome OS users. Remember, Google Now features are slowly getting worked into Chrome. We now have the hotword feature in Google Search, and Google Now cards/notifications are showing up in Chrome OS Dev, as well as Chrome Beta. We will even be able to open apps via voice soon!

Eventually, we will be able to have Google Now working on all platforms, syncing across devices. Maybe eventually we will be able to ask Google to email “mom” via voice, for example. Or send a text message via Google Voice.

Think of it this way: if it comes to Google Now, it is more than likely coming to Chrome or Chrome OS.