Google Now notifications available with Chrome Beta


Android users will know how convenient Google Now can be. The service’s cards will feed you great information based on your location, search results and other data your smartphone takes. We have seen Google Now notifications in Chrome OS Dev and Chrome Canary, and now Chrome Beta users can enjoy them too!

For now, Google still separates the “OK Google” hotword voice commands from the Google Now results. These functions operate separately, so how does Google Now in Chrome Beta know what to display? It’s actually quite simple, it just takes the information from your Android or iOS Google Now.

You simply have to be signed on to the same Google account as your other devices. Best thing about it is you really have to do nothing to start taking advantage of these cards. You just update your Chrome Beta browser, make sure you are signed into the right Google account and you are set.

For more details, you can always check Google’s website on Chrome Google Now Cards. Or you can check out the infographic we posted a while ago, showing you how to use Google Now.